Looking into starting a Deep Restroom Cleaning business.


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Feb 25, 2020
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Hey Everyone, great forum!
Im looking at starting a commercial restroom cleaning busisness. The target would be to deep clean restrooms (tile and grout focused) using vapor steamers.

Process- Antibacterial wipe down, Prespray (TMF) and a scrub (with an OreckXL or similar), (do I need a rinse rinse step?), Steam Clean with a Vapor steamer

The marketing would be target to deep cleaning in coffee shops, resturaunts, etc.. Im not sure how much to charge for this but was thinking $450-$600 for two 150sqft (of tile) restrooms. Im estimating this would take me about 2.5 hours per stall. I plan on taking on the dirtiest ones for that price.

I have considered fireplace hearths as well btw for the same price. I have only done one but it turnedout great. It took me about 7 hours total (it was admittedly a large fireplace).

Thoughts? Have I lost my mind?
Thanks for any information,
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Aug 16, 2016
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Mario Gonzalez
Your on the right path. I originally started my company that way. Doing deep restroom cleaning for restaurants, gas stations etc. I take the most pride doing restrooms. Heck, we have a total of 50 Kaivacs in our arsenal. So the first cleaning is going to be the most time consuming . For rat nasty , it might take you around two hours for a 3 stall three sink men’s restroom. So a total of 4 hours for a deep clean for both restrooms. You have to set up a maintenance program to be monthly , biweekly or weekly. The more consistent you visit the place , the less time you will take cleaning . On average you will have staff doing the restrooms and can do around 10 on a workday . Your going to make money having a dedicated route . I could not compete with cintas and enviro máster because they had regional accounts with all the major companies and when I tried to sell to corporate companies , they wanted regional coverage so more likely you can only cater to small business .

As far as our process , we first spray foamed using foamy orange restroom cleaner mixed with spartan dmq. Sprayed the walls, partitions , sinks , toilets and drains . Let it sit . Then we would use a 175 or a cinex with an aggressive pad and go at it. . When we were done with the tile . Then we would rinse everything . We would then clean toilets and sinks with either foamy q and a or sparcling with a cotton toilet swap making sure the under rim was clean. All the bad smells come from under the rim . We even used mirrors to make sure and pics to chisel sometimes . We would then pour and enzyme cleaner in the drain . We would set our kaivacs to auto fill and have an external heater to heat up the water

Finally , we would use our commercial steam machine made by Lamborghini called Fortador and hit all the areas . For final review , we would black light the restroom and do a test swab to measure the bacteria count.

We were originally charging around 100 bucks and hour for the initial clean then drop to 75 per visit monthly , 50 bucks biweekly and 30 bucks weekly . It seemed that companies thought we were expensive so I couldn’t hold a route more than 100 customers which was not worth it if we didn’t have more routes so I stopped and focused on other things. To me restroom cleaning was my passion but when other people don’t see the big picture or not willing to pay then it sucks. And I hate the fact that cintas and enviro masters are ruining the industry because all they do is clean the toilets and sinks and that’s it. And that’s a deep cleaning in their eyes
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