Looking for paid consulting from an expert area rug cleaner.


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Sep 21, 2022
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Sam aslam
Hello friends. This is my first post on this forum. I have a small, established area rug cleaning operation (pit washing). I got in to the buisiness by necessity as i own and operate the largest fine rug retail showroom in my state. I've been cleaning for a few years now but I still have alot to learn and have so many specific questions about techniques and proper use of various chemicals. I would love an arrangement where I could find an expert area rug cleaner that could do some consulting and be retained to answer some of my questions. In return I could either pay a fair consulting fee or I could offer what I think is an insanely great resource for any area rug cleaner- that is unprecedented access to my inventory and production abilities. I have over 6k hand-knotted rugs photographed and instock in my showroom, and another 20,000 in my over seas wharehouse. Everything From small 2x3's to palace sized 25x40's. I also have a very robust, award winning custom rug side of the business and employ an entire team of rug designers and weavers and can recreate any type of rug, any weave, color, size etc... if I could find an expert area rug cleaner to help consult the cleaning portion of my business, I in return could offer access and TRUE WHOLESALE prices to one of the largest and expertly curated collection of instock hand-knotted rugs. Or TRUE WHOLESALE production cost on reproducing a ruined clients rug in a custom capacity. Please message me privately if you would like to discuss this further.