Looking back but going forward

Ed Valentine

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Oct 8, 2008
Michigan, USA
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Ed Valentine
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This weekend officially begins the Christmas Holiday and the end of the past years and beginning of a new, fresh start. We will be hosting our very important Company party in celebration of moving into (my) 47 years in this Industry and Cross-Americans' 42 years manufacturing HWE equipment. IMHO, an amazing feat.

One of several keys to success is surrounding yourself with (a handful) honest, respectful, and positive individuals, and believe me, I have been most fortunate to have met many along the way. Also help others and build great innovative products which the Professional appreciates. After all, this is "their money" they are putting on the table.

But, the most important aspect is you, the customer! And I would be the first to say, Cross-American has been very successful because of you , and not just myself, period!

Looking back, I truly take great pride in regards to your Small Businesses and the hard work all of you put into it day in and day out. Most often, the end of year "profits" small businesses make is not in terms of money, rather it is measured in terms of "Pride" and respect for others. Never gauge or judge your business with the hurdles,ups & downs which occasionally come along ; rather what you do for your customers.

The huge advantage of Small Businesses is that we focus and service "one-at-a-time" customers when building our business. We offer much greater attention and interest specifically directed toward our valued customers, than the Big Boy Corporations who have their employees tripping over themselves dreaming up more and more Voice Mails!

I wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely Thank all of you for your loyalty and friendships. I wish all of you the very, very best because you deserve it.

Now, please pour the Merlot!

Ed Valentine