Long pole or handle for (hand polisher/buffer) motorized grout, tile, scrubber and carpet agitator (Hot Rod Handle)


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Nov 17, 2018
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Sarah Long
Hello, I've spent the last week reading through this forum and was hoping to get a little creative input. I've been using a few different brushes, attached to my drill, to scrub grout lines and tile, carpeted stairs, and stubborn stains in my carpet (before running my Big Green Machine to clean my carpets). With the right chemical cleaners and right brush stiffness, this method has been working well enough EXCEPT it's really hard on my back and takes a long time.

Thus, I've been trying to figure out an inexpensive way to attach some sort of long handle to a DA car polisher OR my drill (with drill brush), so that I don't have to bend over for so long. Since I'm not cleaning residential or commercial properties any longer I can't warrant a large purchase for just using in my own home. I know there's a lot of professionals on this forum that can suggest some great purpose driven equipment, but I'm also hoping a few of you (with the creative/reinvent the wheel enthusiasm/syndrome) may have some experience with something that works. I don't have to worry about what it looks like in customers eyes, (I'm okay if it looks "hack-ish"), nor does it need to be heavy-duty quality, but I just need it to be easier on my back.

Many of the following ideas will sound ridiculous and even laughable but if I make someone laugh today;), I'm okay with that:
-So I've considered the Hot Rod handle, but I can't find it anywhere; is that discontinued?
-I've considered a string trimmer/weed eater handle, a drywall sander handle, and a heavy-duty mop with forked end handle.
-I saw a thread on here about a forked bike stem on an Oreck Obiter. I'd like something smaller than the Oreck Orbiter to be a bit more agile.
-I've looked at the Caddy Clean scrubber and the MotorScrubber, which look like they'd work, but they're quite expensive at $400+.
-I've looked at the Oreck Orbiter, the residential Koblenz dual brush scrubbers, the Holt Pullman scrubber, the Ewbank Scrubber, the Gloss Boss Mini scrubber, and those tiny, battery-powered Turbo Power Scrubbers all over Amazon and Ebay, all of which have mixed reviews as to whether they can scrub grout lines.
-I've looked at a pole attachment called the SandReach which wraps around a hand polisher sander and allows a threaded pole to attach.

Any ideas or experience with this or is it just not possible on a low budget? Thanks so much for reading and your potential input!