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May 27, 2007
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I know some of you have possibly seen this post on other forums. Mick Ellis contacted me this morning and asked if I would post it here. We added these logos to all our wands and so far they have been very poplular among our clients. They do notice them. Today we were removing red dog throw up in a white nylon carpet (was a bit nervous it might not come out) and the guy noticed the logo and thought it was pretty cool. (Also the stain came out which made it even better! So far, we have inlcuded the wand doing a clean path on a dirty carpet in our ads and it has also been a pretty big hit. I ordered a bunch more stickers and have told my people to be careful and let's see how long we can make them last on the wands. So far we are doing really good. We are really thinking about making sure we don't beat them up. The material is actually pretty durable because it is made more like the vinyl wraps on our vans.



Mark Saiger
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Jun 29, 2008
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Really cool idea! I would love to know how long they last and how much and where to purchase them. They would need
to be made of some durable stuff to withstand the heat and abuse they would receive.

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