Live Chat Software for Carpet Cleaning?

Aug 4, 2019
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Warren Clark
The main reason I'm getting online now is to learn about marketing in this new ear. Everything we have done in the past was more tradition offline. I had a thought the other day about using live chat on our site. The site is Dynamik Carpet Cleaning and I was thinking of getting a live chat box in the bottom right hand corner.

I thought of this as I literally used another site the other day and was able to get a few questions answered on their live chat before I called and that pretty much warmed me up. When I called I was calling to book in their services.

We use Wordpress. Does anyone know of a good live chat option that has a lot of functionality? Maybe even the ability to book people right in on the live chat or a function to fill in a form to book in with our open availability.


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Jan 25, 2015
Mississauga Canada
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Fedri Irsat
Live chat is a great idea, however texting does the same thing for me, I get customers texting me all the time for quotes or questions to be answered. I think live chat will add much more professionalism but for that we might need a dedicated person if it gets too busy.


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Nov 29, 2013
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Marian Lukacisin
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United States
IMHO potential customers are " too" chatty as is. If live chat is an upgrade from text massages, I would see its value in multifunctionality.I believe familiarity aspect is playing big role also. I see it working when specific problem has to be solved immediately and person answering is super knowledgeable. I did experiment, when I encouraged " specialist " multitasking by asking specific questions in different areas of industry. Olivia, Matt and John were exhausted after 5 minutes and steered me to a general no way out answer
" We'll serve you better if you contact us...."
So, if you've experienced that your phone lines were ringing at the same time, imagine what would happen if you had online chat and just one joker on the other side.
( I know software has unlimited operators, unlimited chats, tracking, analytics and real time chats)
And remember, critical moments of decision making process- split second.
I use live chat on my dashboard with Vista print. When I set it up years ago, I didn't think much of it. I've been lucky to get 3-4 submissions a month not only from a new customers, but existing ones as well, since they found it attached to my website. Great advantage of this concept is that you get all the contact info, including email address and short question in comments space. If you keep it short and sweet , this is the best value in the world. In summary $500 -$1000 of extra income a month for a $27 a month spent, makes sense. Personality and knowledge of operator is vital to a successful sessions. Yes, were back to live chats . I'm 99.9% sure that @Bob Rugratz would bring more light to this topic. I didn't see him for a while.
On side note, I have numerous contacts with carpet cleaners all over the Chicagoland and we exchange informations all the time. My understanding is that even if you are 5 stars company with a long history and you don't take the phone momentarily, you lost that person. IMO , this is not a rare occurrence, it's becoming a trend . It happens to me a 4-5 times a week, mind you, we have 3 lines and regardless what hours of operations are on my website (8-8, 6 days) I'm 24-7 guy, medical emergency related cleaning, going out of town, relatives coming, water damages) and sometimes I don't get a simple message in voice mail when someone's calling. So I say, it's a trend....