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Limousine Odor Removal Job

Jul 23, 2018
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Hi there.
I have been called to do Odor removal job for 2 Limousine, next week. one has Wine, Smoke and Marijuana odor and the second one has Vomit and Cat urine odor. They said they are going to remove the sources of this odor.
I have done work for used car dealers and removed odors by using Hot Fogging( thermal 55) and also by using Ozone Generators.
Can I use this same application for Limousine as well ? Can I use Cold fogging as well.
As this is my first job for Limo, I don't want to mess up leaving lots of oily residue on the soft and hard surfaces.
Please suggest me what is the best application to remove odor without leaving Oily Residues ,and also let me know the solutions to be used.