Let's Talk Urine removal procedure and pricing


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Jan 3, 2011
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I've seen quite a few discussions about urine remediation, we but never really come to a final consensus of best way to handle different levels of contamination. I'm also curious about how people are pricing urine treatment as compared to their standard cleaning rates.

I was reading Rob's thread:
where he gave a brief of his 3 levels of remediation (Clipped for convenience):
...what happens when a pet urinates on the carpet. It seeps past the fiber into the carpet backing and into padding. So there is a little more to cleaning urine than meets the eye. That is why we offer 3 stages of urine treatment and let you choose which one you want. She said that sounds good what are they?

I said Stage 1 is after cleaning we spray on a mild deodorizer to help neutralize the urine and costs about 1/3 of the cleaning price...

With Stage 2 we identify each urine stain and clean and treat right to the padding with our sub surface machine. This removes and sanitizes right down to the padding. It costs the same as the cleaning...

Stage 3 is where we replace the padding and seal the sub floor and is a little pricey but much cheaper than replacing carpets. I leave a little pause room because by then they are ready to talk. She did and said which one do you think I need?

I say "well if it was my own carpet I would go with at least Stage 2. We have found that over 95% of our clients are satisfied with Stage 2. And if you think about it 150.00 is a lot cheaper than replacing one room of carpet. She said that makes sense. So I said great I'll get started and I promise you,you will be happy. That will be 150 for cleaning and 150 for urine treatment making for a total if 300.00.

I'm currently cleaning at $.25/sqft. I've found that homes generally don't have just one or two spots, so pricing and treating by the spot doesn't seem to make sense.

So, I offer Stage 1 - pretty much the same as Rob, using an odor eliminator at $.10/sq ft for a whole room

I offer Stage 2 - at the same price as cleaning. This is for when a full room has urine, or more than a couple of spots. It includes different steps for different situations. I generally put down UPT with the hydroforce sprayer. Then I will clean as normal, with odor eliminator in the rinse, using extra rinse passes in affected areas. I follow this with either a topical or injection of enzyme odor treatment (Bottom Line).

I mention the details of stage 3, but have never done it. Wouldn't know how to price it properly.

What do you do? Do you have different levels? What do you charge for each, especially Stage 3?


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Nov 22, 2011
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that is one of the things that are hard to debate cuz involves a lot of factors.
1 how efficients is your product and how much are you gonna use.
2 how much contamination there is
3 how good is are you at removing padding and performing the overall restoration.
4 how expensive is the carpet. Is it worth it to repair it.
5 Did the urine go into the subfloor
6 Is it on a raise foundation or secound floor.

the list goes on and the only way to determine is by visual inspection to determine the best aproach to it.
We don't have any "urine packages" we try our best to better the problem to the best possible results
our price is $40 a gallon of solution and $60 Hr labor in case of restoration. tack strip, padding, plastic and all misc are additional
and we just take it by ear.