Legend XL Heat Exchanger Models

Jan 20, 2020
Real Name
Benji Zimmerman
My 2007 Legend XL isn't holding heat as well as I think it should be, I notice the furthest to the exhaust heat exchanger fitting is hot to the touch and the one nearest the panel is warm but not as hot as it should be. I'm using the standard prochem wand (no glide, quad jet) and notice to maintain any kind of heat (Still could be better) I have to work slower then I'd like cutting my cleaning stroke to 3 to 4 ft and doing a slow dry stroke (or two) pushing and repulling the wand. I'd like to do one dry stroke, move over-lapping and clean and then double triangle the area with dry strokes at the end to finish. How hard is it to take those Heat Exchanger modules out? I don't have leaks, just did a descale, and replaced the thermal relief valve in the water box. What can I do?