Learning the rug game.


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Aug 29, 2018
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Chris Westerman
So I finally got a nice setup for off site rug cleaning, learning as I go and it's been super interesting! I first took on a rug that had way too much pee in it and should have soaked it waaaay longer in some acidic solution before I started flushing. Anyway I got it cleaned and the customer was thrilled even though she paid the price of the rug to have it cleaned (she already decorated her house around the rug pattern). Great learning experience. I upped the ante a bit with a rug that I just finished cleaning. No tags looked pretty handmade from what I could tell, realized the backing looked a bit different than the typical jute back weave that I am accustomed to seeing. Determined it was hand knotted probably of middle eastern origin? Still learning alot about the origin of rugs based on construction and design, apparently lots of vegetable dyes are used in this kind of rug and a test for color fast revealed lots of red bleeding! Another first for me....the customer refused a solution bath clean due to price so I offered a top down clean on the backing and face. I actually ended up dusting the rug thoroughly and mixing up a nice foamy mixture to basically bonnet the backing and face, some by hand some by machine. It cleaned up so nice colors popped out that you couldn't even see before the cleaning! Low moisture no color bleeding or crocking and the rug looks beautiful! So I am young and learning this but I've found o have been able to learn alot on every rug and so far have not ruined anything lol.

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