Learn About Light and Shadow Effects Under Professional Guidance


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Apr 28, 2020
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Did you take up painting as a hobby but now have started liking it so much so that you want to delve into the basics and principles of this art form? You might have already started studying different art movements that took place in the past and might have been attracted to some of them and want to try them out. Maybe you are interested in learning oil painting course (cursus schilderen met olieverf). No matter what you want to learn to paint, the most crucial thing is to learn the science behind how to paint and bring out the best effect that puts life into the painting. Learning just like our old masters would help you understand the fine details of creating the finest painting pieces.

When we say the science behind how to paint, we mean learning how light and shadow will affect everything from the colors you choose to how to render the form. This article will throw some light on the common terms used while learning the science behind the painting:

· Light and Highlight: Light here is defined as the direct light that comes from a light source whereas highlight means the light bouncing right from the object.

· Cast Shadow: When an object leaves a shadow, it is known as cast shadow.

· Form Shadow: This is defined as the area of the object which is in shadow.

Apart from learning what these terms mean, it is crucial to learn how the direction and intensity of the light might affect the cast shadow and form shadow. Though these terms and concepts seem difficult to understand, they will become clearer once you start painting under the guidance of a professional painter.

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