Large Non-Profit Conference Center - Self Sufficient Carpet Maintenance


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Nov 20, 2019
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Matthew Price
I am asking for any advice on heavy soil and grease carpet cleaning for a team with little experience.

So started working for this non-profit last year. Recently got moved into a position that involved the use of a truck mount carpet cleaner with almost no training. The person in charge of training me had only ever seen standard wands with no sort of chemical training. We are in charge of cleaning 100+ buildings with old equipment and basically no training.

The truck mount we currently use looks like an old Prochem Everest with all of the branding removed.

The chemicals are all bridge point - Traffic slam and citrus solve for pre-spray and PowerPoint as the main detergent. No other Additives or cleaning beyond pre-spray and wand cleaning. (we also only use the mobile extraction amount of powerpoint (rather than truck mount (1qt for 5gal) I assume because no one bothered to get a defoamer and the machine spays steam from the exhaust before the float can get to the shutoff point.)

Based on the training received we try to pre-spray a marginal amount and wait 15-20 minutes then begin steam extraction with a 5 Jet wand. I was told the slower the better - Yes just as slow as the mind can comprehend drag the wand across the floor. No agitation has been suggested.

We have also run into issues when using two wands. The machine does not want to maintain a temperature of over 160 degrees F when running two wands. Along with this if there are general machine settings for beginning users I would love to know them (i.e. Temperature, Pressure, anything else.)

We recently did a large job, campus dining hall which holds up to 400 people at a time and on a busy day 1100 people per meal. This took 8 days with 3 people for 8 hours. It is still not as clean as it needs to be.

I also recently discovered an old RX-20 (After 150+ man-hours cleaning). It is before it had the safety switch on top, so it has some years and clogged vacuum tubes to go with it. I have gotten the machine thoroughly cleaned out and started on the maintenance. The main area of concern is the seal around the star assembly shaft, it is leaking from the gearbox. Not sure how hard of a repair and also not sure if it is worth the time and money.

Basically, we have heavily greased carpets and little chemical training and wands. What is the best approach to cleaning these carpets?

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Oct 3, 2018
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Emerson Campbell
Where are you located? Also as someone who's done lots of big jobs with only a wand and some chemical, I think maybe just adding some agitation with a counter-rotating brush or carpet brush on a buffer would help immensely. If you can get that RX20 working right though you're going to be in for a great time.

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Feb 14, 2006
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An Interlink Supply, Bridgepoint, Jon-Don or other quality distributor near you could provide training. This could range from helping you adjust the settings on your truckmount to a 2 or 3 day IICRC class.