Kohler Command 20 oil pressure switch

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Sep 4, 2011
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This is driving me nuts. I’m trying to help a guy with his truckmount, it dies when he releases the override switch. He had checked the waste tank float and says it is working fine.

I told him to check the oil and then disconnect the oil pressure switch and see if the engine runs. He can’t find the oil pressure switch.

I’ve looked at the prochem legend SE manual and it mentions the pressure switch and even gives a part number but it doesn’t show where it is or what it looks like. Usually the pressure switch is located right next to the oil filter but there is nothing there.

Does anyone have a 20 horsepower Kohler and know where the pressure switch is?


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Jul 31, 2012
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First the oil pressure switch is under the air filter between the cylinders.
But first make sure that the unit is in HX mode. Next look at the psi gauge is it showing pressure. If it is in HX and showing pressure, check the hi and low psi sensors behind the panel. They are side by side one is taller than the other. Disconnect the wires from both sensors plug the wires to themselves. Start the unit see if it stays running if it does you have a bad sensor.
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