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In a previous thread, Todd responded

I look at my group of carpet cleaner friends here in Vegas, one of us does one or two high end jobs per day with an invoice average around $500. I guess his clientele would consist of group 1 and group 2 from your pole.

Another of us does 3-4 jobs a day with an invoice average of $250. His clients are made up of group 3 and group 4 from your pole.

The other does over 15-20 jobs a day with 3 trucks averaging $120 per invoice. His clients are made up of groups 3,4,5,and 6.

So for those newbies out there, take a moment to think about this. Lets look at group 1, 2 (high end residential) vs groups 3,4,5,6 (price conscious, last minute, etc)

Compare the ADVERTISING BUDGET. Cleaners that service the high end market have virtually no advertising budget. This is because of two factors. 1. People know people like them. In other words, the friends and family (for the most part) of the high end residential market also have high end homes. These people are happy to refer services they are happy with to their friends and family. 2. They are more likely to be repeat customers. Once you provide good service to a high end customer, they are less likely to *try* someone they are unfamiliar with.

Working with groups 3,4,5,6 are more based on price so they will be constantly on the lookout for prices. Not that they will take the lowest price, but price will be an important part of their decision. They will have a constant flow of new customers but they will need that to offset the past customers that dont call them back.

So when you look at Todds INCOME numbers, take into consideration that the advertising EXPENSE paid out by cleaners that target the lower end market are profits for the cleaners that target the higher end market.

Then compare WEAR AND TEAR. Not only to the equipment, but also to the workers. Quite frankly I cant imagine doing 15 setups and take downs each day.

Just a thought...
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Sep 4, 2011
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Good comment.

I am the cleaner in the middle from my post. I usually do 3 jobs a day and most of my customers are the working middle class. Up till now I really haven’t spent much on advertising. I have my website which does quite well for me. Since I’m in a small town and only two other cleaners in town have websites we are all on the first page of google. I also send out reminder postcards to prior customers a few times per year.

Up till now that’s the only advertising I have done and I stay busy enough to work one van full time. Starting September 15 I am going to be advertising on the radio. I’m stepping up my advertising doing radio, Facebook advertising, and postcards every month with the goal of getting my second truck running full time. I’d like to see both trucks running every day by next spring so I can start on truck 3. I’ll be spending right around $700 per month on advertising, we will see how it goes.