Just started my business(Hawaii)

Jan 23, 2023
Real Name
matt franklin
I am 36 years old about turn 37. I just started my carpet cleaning business in November and went full time in the business this January. I am at 4k for the month. So It is bad start but I am not getting consistent calls. I have received one job from yelp(all my reviews have been take down) 2 from Angi leads, 1 from google, some friends, 3 from real estate companies dropping cards, and 1 from emails to real estate companies. I have hydramaster boxxer 318 mounted in a Chevy van express. Using TMF products ( but super expensive to get to Hawaii)No CRB yet. Using a floor machine with soft brush or pads with grout scrubber. I am on yelp Facebook instagram google with a website (integrityfloorcleaners.com) Any suggestions for my business here in Kona on the big island of Hawaii. Please share!


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