Joe Polish Has The X Facor

Aug 22, 2018
Real Name
Ian Harper
This is not a promotion for Joe or I did not get paid for this article.

I have meet Joe once at a boot camp in 1999 where I learnt how to market my maid service using his direct response marketing that he was teaching to carpet cleaners in my maid service business in the UK

Joe is a very cleaver man and knows how to stand on the shoulders of giants. He was well ahead of the game using curation. Why is that important? Because its part of our daily lives. The fire hose of the internet would make it imposable to make any real meaning of all that information.

Being able to take all that information and serve the very best saves us the most important resource we have and that is time. Its amusing to see how we all moan about how our news, facebook etc are a selection of what should really be.

In a world where we don’t have hits anymore and the longtail is where money is made you have to find way to deal with this new world.

The X factor does just this. In my youth I was a roadie for a R & B band and we had to court the A&R men (artist and repertoire) but now we have the longtail served up so we can tell the music industry what will be a safe investment.

For us as cleaners this is not easy. But it can be done with analytics. Its hard work because you have to first find out what people are looking for and then put that into order, which in its self is hard because its very long list of just a few hits. You can get a feel from grouping within the longtail.

So as an example if people are thinking about buying a Bissell carpet cleaner and you provide carpet cleaning services you can match you message to this group to sell your services in a positive way. As a pro you have a van full of tools and for very good reasons. Here is where you can demonstrate your expertise in a passive way.

As an old man I like my old sayings, You can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink. Here is where you need to create that thrust. This requires skill.

Some time ago I took a step back and looked at my marketing image. Its was just a reflection of me. Not my customers. Just take a look at youtube and see the massive gap between carpet cleaners and The “Clean with Me” Mom Hacks” man is it wide.

Apart from this group being your target they don’t have the training we have. Does not make us better? No. just more informed. So we need to translate that knowledge so its easier to understand.

This is where your curation starts. You need to fill your feeds with everything that this group is watching and reading. Then you can produce your output.

Joe Polish is not going to give people what he wants he gives them what they want.

I really hope this makes sense? As a poorly educated man it is hard for me to do this stuff. But the excitement inside does not allow me to keep it to myself. I want to share it with other just like me.
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