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Jun 19, 2008
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I feel like the only job done right is a job i am on! I make sure my own line is pulled back nice and neat for myself. Pre spray with grout master works great with olefin.


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Sep 1, 2009
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I get Scotts point. Its what I thought was the way it was supposed to be. So I started in 1981 by myself and grew to three carpet cleaning trucks. Then expanded into water/fire damage repair.

What I found was that growing big wasnt for me. so Ive been solo since 1981 and loving it.

And for the selling thing, think of it this way. Its easy to get into this business and all the answers to running it are available on the internet, so why would someone pay big dollars to buy an established business. Not saying that it cant be done but if that is your only reason for growing, I would think twice.
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Nov 12, 2016
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Nobody will ever care as much as the owner, period.

However, if you can get them to care more than the average guy, you've got a winner.

This is simply my observation of O/O in my market and by no means am I trying to paint everyone with the same brush.

I started with Oxi Fresh in 2015, literally knew NOTHING about carpet cleaning. Within a year I was running it with a crew of 6.

Within 2 years I had a crew of 10 and 6 trucks.

All the while it was a SHITTY cleaning system. So what made us successful and hit $1,000,000 in annual sales by year 2.5?

I did train a lot of techs, way more than 10, but I found my management style in the beginning sucked. I expected everyone to be like me, taking the time to do the job right, remove stains etc...

Just wasn't going to happen. So I learned something else...EMPOWER your people. They want to feel good about themselves and confident in their jobs. How to do that? Honestly I don't think it is teachable, I think it's a mindset change and then your organic style of management will change with it.

By end of year 3 we were on pace for $1.5 million in annual sales.

I had O/O and other small companies coming up to me asking, "How did Oxi achieve this?"

When I told them the truth, they always told me that's not possible and that I was a liar. Part of the truth is yes we had a strong marketing budget for internet and direct mail. The success would not have been sustainable though without strong technicians trained in cleaning AND CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Granted I lost my job by year 4 because my eyes had been opened to truck mounts and I was asking why the hell we weren't doing that style of cleaning.

C'est la vie.

Here is the scary part, every single one of those guys who spoke to me, I had gone in behind them on a job at some point. Removed stains they couldn't, fixed cleaning issues left behind, etc etc.

The guy who runs the same residential division I built is a liar and a cheat. They have lost every single veteran who was under my supervision. The longest standing technician they have now has only been there for 18 months. The next longest, 12 months.

They are sliding out of control fast. Sales went from a steady 50% growth to 15% growth within 6 months.

I think I like the quote from George Patton about War and apply it to business.

Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. It is the spirit of men who follow and of the man who leads that gains the victory.

Change War to carpet cleaning and you got the same dilemma. Why do some companies succeed wildly while others go out of business in 3 years with the same damn equipment?

How did a shitty Brush Pro Encapsulation system grow to $1.5 million in sales in 3 years??? Imagine if I had truck mounts from the beginning and we got into water restoration, fire etc, hell the efficiency of the truck mount alone allows a technician to do $1,500 more a week in revenue than the Oxi system...I don't even like thinking about all the money that company COULD have made. At $1,500 per week per tech for 52 extra $400,000 in sales JUST doing carpet cleaning for the year.

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Sep 7, 2013
I feel like the only job done right is a job i am on! I make sure my own line is pulled back nice and neat for myself. Pre spray with grout master works great with olefin.
Did you know that you have a link to your website on your website?

That's extremely thorough.

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