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Sep 4, 2007
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TMF has had the chance to interview Jimmy Hughey from Atlanta area who has been in business for over 22 years in the carpet cleaning industry. Check it out below:

What is your name, company name and area you service?

Jimmy L. Hughey Jr

We service the Atlanta metro and surrounding areas. “HUSBAND AND WIFE TEAM”

What inspired you to become a business owner in the cleaning trade and how long have you been in business?

I started out in the cleaning industry while in High School, working for a family member, he has a Janitorial cleaning business. A few years after I graduated I started working for a few well known “BAIT N SWITCH” companies here in Atlanta.

I did not like their tactics, but loved carpet cleaning, that’s when I purchased my 1st van, and started my own service. We have now been in business for 22 years now.

What cleaning services do you provide and do you plan on offering any other diverse services in the future?

We provide HWE, VLM, Upholstery, Tile and Grout, some Hardwood floor cleaning. One day we plan on starting a Janitorial cleaning service and lawn care.

What are some roadblocks you have ran into and how did you overcame the obstacles?

Family has been one of our main obstacles, the negativity, when we first started. Trying to figure out marketing, knowing how to run a business. These are the most roadblocks we have run into since starting.

I over came these issues by ignoring the NAYSAYERS and used it to make me push harder. I connected with others in the business to learn, how to market, and operate as a business owner. I took classes to help build confidence in cleaning techniques, and what type of chemistry to use in certain situations.

As you know it’s black history month and upcoming later this year is international black business month, what are some of the biggest barriers black and brown communities must overcome when launching their own businesses and what advice do you have for them?

I would say, some of us need to stop thinking that we cannot do business with our own race. We should build more unity in our communities, and show more support for each other.

Since I been in business from day one, still to now, I have seen a lot of JUDGEMENT. I get it all the time, leave black people alone, they always want a hook up, you going to go broke messing with them, etc.

Also from some customer point of view, I hear a lot of them use the meth that black business owners are always late, do a half job, over priced, etc. That’s their reason for not doing business with Black owned businesses.

I think that everyone should ignore the meths, stop judging, and support each other more. My clientele is 90% black, I feel that we should “TRY IT - BEFORE WE KNOCK IT” then let the experience from both ends speak for itself.

If you could start over all over again today, what would you do differently?

If I could start my business over today, I would not pay cash for my equipment, I learned the hard way about building business credit. I would do all my research on marketing, etc before I actually start. I would take it serious from the start, I did not respect my business in my younger days. I just looked at it as, I had a job that paid me more than any other JOB I’ve ever worked on, and set my own schedule.

Thank you, if there is anything else you'd like to say or give shout outs - feel free to! :)

I first want to “Thank God” for allowing me to have the mindset to want to be a business owner. Also for allowing me to make it this far, and for connecting me with the right people who have really helped me a lot.

I would truly like to give a shoutout to COURTNEY LEE, CHANDLER THOMPSON and CHAD MAYES for creating CLEANERS CONNECT. I found that group two years ago, I started networking, attending Mr. Lee business coaching classes, and I can honestly say with no shame, I had no clue of what running a business was all about.

Thanks for allowing me to participate in this interview
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