Janitorial Business Tips- Strategies that Guarantee Solid Results

Jul 6, 2018
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Nadia Martinez
The cleaning business is heavily saturated so you must start implementing the right janitorial business tactics for surviving competition. With limited resources, one needs to be extremely cautious regarding their investment decision(s).

The need for a clean working environment is a must, which is why your cleaning service must maintain a website so that prospects can find you.
Invest more of your time to produce resourcefully relevant contents for your website; as a result, it gains more visibility online.

Remember, this is a continuous process for an everlasting outcome.
Remember, the web address must have the same name as your business with a “.com” domain name only.
Be extra careful while cleaning spaces


Refrain from rushing during work at all times if you don’t want to cause any damage to your client’s property. Take your time to put effort into work, which is a common advice I have always given.

Compensate your janitors well
At the end of the day only janitors will be cleaning a space, which is why you must pay them well to ensure the best output.


However, always make sure you have clearly stated the details of every janitor currently working under your wage. Your clients must know who they’re going to let inside their premises beforehand, as building trust with customers is the first step to a successful janitorial business.

Well paid employees will treat your customers well, which eventually leads to a greater success rate.

Invest in offline and online marketing
In case you’re having some ready cash available for investment, I recommend every janitorial service to invest in online marketing.

Online/digital marketing is an outstanding way to gain traction with a limited budget. Offline marketing, on the other hand, will allow your janitorial business to frequently remind people about what you do.

Distributing flyers in a neighborhood can be an effective marketing strategy for cleaning businesses.
  • Print out stickers to paste them on the notice board in your neighborhood, clearly indicating your business details so that prospects can easily contact you.
There are more useful information on advertising your janitorial business both online as well as offline.

Offer frequent promotional offers for attracting customers
Maintain continuous relationship with visitors to your website with PPC Remarketing tool. The tool has proven itself to be remarkably efficient to maintaining clear communication with clients.

The feature enables your website to leave cookies on a visitor’s respective IP address; therefore, your Ad will appear on his/her device next time they will surf the Internet.


Cover incurred expenses following every project
This is a common reason why the majority of cleaning businesses fail.
Make sure every bit of expense is covered following each project; otherwise, you’ll always end up with “Net Loss” month after month.


  • Clean spaces responsibly
  • Compensate field workers well
  • Invest more in online marketing
  • Cover costs incurred in projects
  • Evaluate your business