Jaguar 8.4 Extractor w/ Misc Tools,Lindhaus,Hydro Force $4,900


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May 16, 2015
Rahway NJ
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Gregory Yunginger
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United States
Nice Package Deal Starter Kit of Powerful and Well Maintained Jauguar 8.4 Carpet and Tile and Grout Extractor. 800 PSI Max. Recent New Pump and more. Auto Fill/Dump New $3500

Mytee Hot Turbo, gives you Steam Heat.2,400 Watts, 210 Degrees..New $700

Lindhaus LW38 Carpet and Hardwood Floor Scrubber/Extractor
New Pump
New $1,500

Hydro Force SX 12. Tile and Grout Floor Rotary
New: $1,000

Grout Wand. Excellent Wand that targets Grout Only.
New :$350

Carpet Wand . 2 Jets
New $175

Hydro Force Chemical Hand Sprayer.
New $250

Waste Cannister with Hoses
New $125

(2) 50' Extractor Hoses
New $160

Stairs/Upholstery Hand Tool (Not Pictured)
New $150

Tile and Grout Hand Tool with Hose.
New $300

All Equipment purchased from Magic Wand Company and Serviced by them as well.

Package Combined New Purchase : $8,200.

All Equipment very well maintained, All recent new fittings on all equipment.
Jaguar looks like its been to hell and back though works like a champ!

So question is, Greg, why are you selling? Getting out of the biz? No,staying in business,our core service is Maid cleaning which we are very busy and Im too damn old to be cleaning carpets,tile etc! Hate to sell it, nice set up,but no longer needed.

I have some misc chemicals too I can throw in .

You still need solution/water pressure lines to get going,Im keeping those.

Also,may sell seperately a Generac GP5500 Watt Generator
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