Cleaning News ISSA Moves 2010 Latin American Event to Cancun Mexico


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Sep 4, 2007
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Lincolnwood, IL, USA—ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, has selected the international destination of Cancun, Mexico, as the new location for ISSA/INTERCLEAN® Latin America 2010, which it will host with partner Amsterdam RAI. The association will also launch the first-ever Latin American Green & Healthy Cleaning symposium during the same week as the tradeshow, which will be held June 9-11, 2010. This event is expected to bring together academics from North and Latin America, along with government and industry leaders, to discuss the latest research and developments regarding environmentally preferable cleaning and public health protection.

“This is the next step in bringing together leaders from the Latin American market in accordance with ISSA’s global strategy to discuss the most pressing health issues and science behind cleaning,” said ISSA Executive Director John Garfinkel. “And what better location to host our popular tradeshow and launch a new executive symposium than one of the most connected and growing locations in Latin America?”
Both events will take place at the acclaimed Cancun Exhibitions and Conventions Center in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Due to the closeness of Cancun to Central and South America, both events are anticipated to draw a much larger mix of representatives from countries across this region. The area also offers convenient travel options—not only for professionals throughout the region, but also for visitors and exhibitors from around the world.
“I think it’s an amazing place to host an event like ours,” said ISSA Mexico Board of Representatives President Mauricio Chico. “Cancun is a bridge to Latin America, which is comprised of many cleaning markets that are seriously growing and demanding to learn about new resources and technology in order to become more efficient. It also is important to realize that, after eight editions, ISSA/INTERCLEAN will move from March to June in an attempt to capture the best hotel fees, which will encourage attendees to travel with their families and enjoy this unique tourist destination.”
With more than 26,000 hotel rooms and 7.5 million-plus tourists per year, Cancun has become an important destination in Mexico and one of the main hospitality locations in Latin America—a situation that not only provides the perfect location for ISSA/INTERCLEAN, but that also presents a large market of cleaning professionals from one of the region’s fastest growing hospitality markets (as well as from a variety of other facility markets).
“With this new, exotic city and state-of-the-art venue, we are taking ISSA/INTERCLEAN Latin America to the next level,” said RAI Senior Product Manager for ISSA/INTERCLEAN Rob den Hertog. “Combined with the opportunities in this massive market, we are confident that this will attract many European exhibitors to the event.”
ISSA has already begun to identify key cleaning and public-health experts to present the latest research from Latin and North America as well as updates regarding green cleaning initiatives. The association also plans to reveal the latest developments of its own three-year research project aimed at identifying science-based measurements of clean in elementary-school environments. Presentations will be conducted by members of the Cleaning Industry Research Institute’s Clean Standards Science Committee.
“Ultimately, ISSA’s development of a Clean Standard for K-12 schools will provide a universal, quantitative measure that can be shared by all in determining that a facility is not only clean, but also in a state that ensures sanitary and healthful conditions for the children and all others who spend the better part of their day in these facilities,” said ISSA Director of Legislative Affairs Bill Balek. “Because of the widespread application of this standard, we look forward to presenting our research in Latin America, where we feel it will have substantial implications for our members and the region’s cleaning profession.”
“Every year, we see a bigger commitment from ISSA to help us understand and adapt better to the evolution of the industry in our region,” said ISSA South America Board of Representatives Chairman David James Drake, whose own operations are based in Brazil. “Latin America is now more aware of the importance of regulation, certification, and rules to allow our services and products to be better and healthier. The cleaning market has grown in a sustained way during the last few years so we need more resources, training, and opportunities at the executive level that we feel will be highly valued by business leaders from across the region.”
ISSA/INTERCLEAN will continue to offer its educational program with a strong focus on supervisory and technical advice as a compliment to the exhibition and this new executive-level Green & Healthy Cleaning symposium. ISSA also hopes to work with the area’s strong hospitality industry to develop market-segment-specific education for members of local hospitality groups.
“We see the marriage of the ISSA/INTERCLEAN show with this new, professional symposium as the best combination of events to offer new and exciting networking and to update opportunities for ISSA’s members,” said ISSA Director of Mexico Services J. Felix Villasenor. “We also believe the multiple events will encourage even more companies to join ISSA in the region through increased value.”