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Isaac expected to become hurricane as it nears Florida, Water Damage Companies get ready!


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May 13, 2012
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It's hurricane season! Sometimes I wish I had a water restoration business in Florida haha :D

Here is the news from CBSNEWS:

(CBS/AP) MIAMI - Tropical Storm Isaac swept across Haiti's southern peninsula early Saturday, bringing flooding and at least three deaths while adding to the misery of a poor nation still trying to recover from the terrible 2010 earthquake. At least three people were reported dead.
Forecasters expect the storm, which is packing heavy rain and 60-mph winds, to move over Cuba today and become a hurricane tomorrow.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency and officials urged vacationers to leave the Florida Keys, after forecasters expanded hurricane warnings and watches for parts of Florida, just as the Republican Party gathers for its national convention in Tampa.

CBS News hurricane consultant David Bernard reports there is great concern in South Florida and the Keys - and for the rest of the peninsula as well - as the storm approaches.

Late Saturday morning the storm was about 40 miles east of Guantanamo, Cuba, moving northwest at 17 mph. Bernard says the future track of Isaac brings it to a category 1 on Sunday afternoon, with the possibility of becoming even stronger than that.

By Monday night or Tuesday morning, it will make its closest approach to the west coast of Florida including the Tampa area, with a second landfall possible as Wednesday or Thursday.

Organizers of next week's Republican National Convention in Tampa say they are monitoring the storm. Some 70,000 delegates, journalists and protesters are expected, and Florida Gov. Rick Scott said there are no plans to cancel the convention.

Read more at CBSNEWS here...

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Jun 3, 2010
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It makes me wonder if carpet cleaners that do water damage actually lick their chops when they hear a hurricane is coming. Or would they rather not have a hurricane at all?


Dec 1, 2010
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Dan the carpetman

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May 23, 2012
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Taking Action.
I live in SW Florida and cleaned up after Hurricane Charley that caused over 16 billion dollars in damage.
Learned a real lot from that experience.