Is this Guy for Real?

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May 2, 2016
Real Name
Eli Rodriguez
Videos seemed setup to me but I can say all of us have came across one or ️ of his videos so he's doing something right. I caught myself watching a full video that was like 20-30 minutes

Lightning Carpet Care LLC


Premium VIP
Nov 29, 2013
Real Name
Marian Lukacisin
Business Location
United States
I think this guy is a joke, right? Is he a TMF member...God Bless ya!

Original King thread is for long time buried in deepest, hottest flame room . It truly brought the devilish side of otherwise calm and subdued members of TMF. Let's not revive it and keep it cool, especially approaching blessed time for peace calling Cristmas time.
On the other hand, guy became overnight sensation on TMF, obliviously for purposes stated earlier on.

Sierra Clean Care

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Feb 22, 2015
Real Name
Jeff T.
That dude is from Vancouver Canada. He uses the same supplier that I do.... Or @ least he did.... Haven't heard a lot about him lately.... Him and Rob seemed to hit it off in the beginning...... Atleast from 'the Kings mind'..... Dunno..... I figure if I DON'T do most of what he was doing in his vids, I'll do well.....