Is the MiniMax any good or worth the price?

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Sierra Clean Care

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Feb 22, 2015
Real Name
Jeff T.
I am interested in the Minimax aswell.... looks like an awesome tool.... being in Canada, I think it's around 7k...... a lot of $$$..... I want an OP that is bomb proof ..... buy it once.... keep it for life....
Apr 19, 2017
Real Name
Christopher Kelley
Pros and cons. Some say a rotary cannot compare with an OP, others say there's really not much difference. The pros for me are rotaries are so much more nimble and maneuverable, and you don't have to play "kick the cord" constantly. I recently went VLM and chose the Orbot Sprayborg. I like the machine and my customers think it's incredible; however, now that I've used it for maybe 35 jobs, I can definitely see where a the Mini would make like easier. With the Multi-Brush I could get right up against walls and even under baseboards for filtration lines.

Bottom line? I might sell the Orbot and get the Mini. OR keep both... who knows...


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Oct 1, 2009
Real Name
John Klucznik
Business Location
United States
The Mini is not a 175 it is a 220 rpm so it cleans faster. It will not bog down like some ops as the power is magnified through the 10:1 gear box
It offers many more features like the never spill, robotics wheels, lighter lift weight, better head pressure, superior materials like aluminum and stainless steel, clear coat over the powder coat. a fully controllable low drift spray system. Its just not on or off. a filter between the pump and sprayer. The satellite spray system and so on. You can use any bonnet, brush or pad under it so you are not limited in bonnet options like with an op that must have single layer or center stitched bonnets. Plus you can use the Multii Brush under the Mini and excellent tool for the more difficult carpets.

They are on sale and also have some special leasing incentives.