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Is it worth the possible risk?

Shane Olvitt

Sep 18, 2008
So. Cal
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Shane Olvitt
Have a customer that owns a passenger transport service. We regularly clean carpets and upholstery for them. With all that’s going on with the virus stuff they asked about proper disinfecting their rigs after the passengers leave, I gave them some advice. They asked about fogging with a disinfectant at the end of the day after they do their major wipe down. I have a fogger that I’ve used in the past for deodorizing stinky rentals, but i was wondering if it’s even worth offering this service to them. I would make sure and explain there would be no guarantees, this service would be just preventative maintenance. What are your thoughts? Any advice on how to go about doing the fogging or any other process, or should I just not offer this service to them.
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Feb 13, 2011
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There are a lot of different materials in cars. IE leather, different plastics widows with tint, etc etc. I would be worried about unintended secondary damage that would be very expensive to fix. Immagine buying a new headliner or all new seats because the fog left marks or discolored. Too many different materials to test for colorfastness as well as staining

I am not sure I would want to fog any vehicle for any reason, even if it had NOTHING to do with corona