Is it worth keeping a crazy customer with impossible expectations


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Sep 4, 2015
Houston, Texas
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I have a client that I've had for well over 20 years they always pay their bills but they take up the majority of my time for my janitorial business. I don't know what to do with themit's to the point where I can't even hire staff to clean the facility there so picky any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you guys
Yme, I have 2 of those customers,,, My guys didn't want to take the work order because the customer did nothing but pick their work to death...So I had my guys take before and after and when the customer complained I called back and said lets have a come to Jesus Meeting.. I showed them the before and afters and said what else could we have done,, I also showed them bills from the last twelve times we had cleaned that rental... Where I wrote on the bills , Please Replace these Carpets ! they are worn out !

So I asked him about the pics and how great the carpets looked,, we can not clean the worn areas out ! It is what it is !!

I have never had another problem with that guy again..
Aug 28, 2018
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Bruce wayne
I think you could handle this janitorial customer easily by offering to increase how often you were there and Offer to create a proposal and send it over right away

I did with increased my cost and advise them that every additional trip would be at a flat rate if they needed me to refill their toiletries or clean up accidents


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Feb 8, 2018
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Put something in the contract where if they need you to handle vomit, spills, toiletries, etc a fee will be charged. This way you do not feel like crap every time you go out there to please them. Also, it will limit the times they ask you to do so. This is the rough side of Janitorial work, most are never satisfied and no one wants to pay. I offer higher end pricing because I know that some people are a pain to deal with and as business owners we just want to please them.

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