Is Hugging Customers Appropriate?


Jan 4, 2009
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matt mitchell
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United States
If a women hugged me she would get decked by my wife or she would say its ok as long as me made a lot of money. One of the two But if a guy hugged my wife I would hit him on he head with our lift buddy even if we made a lot of money!


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Aug 14, 2010
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Timothy Jackson
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United States
I had one customer insist on feeding me lunch, I kept telling thank you but no, so I end up lying to her and say I just ate before I got there, I have helped get grocery's in, helped a lady to her bed after she broke her ankle wife was with me there, unclogged toilets for them, took there small dogs out for a poop, restarted there dryer when it stops, helped rearrange a bed room that I didn't clean, changed light bulbs, write checks for them, moved their cars for them and the list goes on and on, remember these customers I have been doing for ten + years, now what I wont do is take my shoes off for a customer, I will wear booties but not take my boots off, I try to keep the customers happy and they keep me happy by calling back for my services.