Internet Presence - Starting from scratch advice please!


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Sep 1, 2009
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Im hoping that this thread may help new companies develop an internet marketing strategy. But my situation is a bit different.

I understand that most companies use advertising to get more business and grow. But here is where I am at.

I started in 1981 and back then Yellow pages was the main source of advertising. A couple years ago we dropped that and this past spring I worked on developing a website which was finally put up in fall. The initial purpose of the website was not to get more customers but to have people visually see what I do. That way if I was talking to a potential customer on the phone and explaining the process, I could simply tell them that they could view it online at the website. (even though I try to explain things so they understand it, it is more impacting if they can see it) Eventually the intention is that it will be a go to place for my customers for any carpet questions (spotting/care, etc)

Now that the website is up and on Google, I am realizing that for a long time I have really had no exposure to new potential customers and the advertising game has changed immensely. Online presence is the way to go, but keep in mind that I really cant handle a whole new bunch of business. The purpose is solely to have an online presence. In other words, I dont need to be in the top five of Google search or even on the first page. I just have to be there.

The problem is that I have limited knowledge about the internet exposure. I have a Linkin account but that is it. No Facebook, etc. A quick look on this site found several places to get involved in like

So I have two questions.

1. What online sites are the best to have a presence and what do I do once I have them?
2. I will be sending out a letter to all my customers soon letting them know about the website. In the letter I also wanted to have them give me an online review. Since most of my customers are older, I may need to give them step by step instructions on how to do that.

thank you!