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Cee Bex

May 5, 2016
oshkosh, wi
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Dan Dringoli
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United States
Shout out to a few of you on here who have reached out to our internet marketing guy. I post about him from time to time and he does know I promote him on some forums (unless of course you are in my market...stay away from him!). At any rate, he did tell me that a couple TMF folks have reached out to him for YouTube video intros and Lead Generation solutions. We have been blessed by our online marketing solution. Without it we would probably not be in business. If you are not getting results from your online marketing, consult with our guy and he will show you exactly what you need to generate leads. I have learned quite a bit from the process we have gone through. Dropping home advisor, thumbtack, angies list, printed flyers, yellow pages, and all that other BS and putting all of our marketing dollars into the web was the started move we made (aside from a kick butt van wrap). Get your GMB set-up, connect Google+ and YouTube, get your NAP on as many directories as you can, stand up a web site that is good content, and find an agency that can rank you in your market and you are GOLDEN! What else has worked for all of you?
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May 8, 2018
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Walli Castillo
I reached out to him, and started working with him, I'm hoping that with his help, I'll be going full time in one year. I've been burned a couple of times with Seo guys, but this guy seems to be the real deal. This is day one. I'll be posting Month by month what my results and experience is and hopefully I can start getting some of those $100 dollar bills. thanks for recommending him. I know he's the real deal, because I told him that I was working with another company and he did not badmouth that company, instead he focused on what he could do for me. So go get your 100, from orange county drymaster