Installing Security System in the residential premises


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Jul 24, 2020
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Alfred Scott
A robbery occurred in my cousin's house last month. A lot of gold and expensive utensils were stoled from their home. When he called me up telling me about what had happened, I rushed to his house immediately. Both of us went and registered a complaint with the police. We waited for a month, and there was no action from their side. So he started searching for ways to secure his premises. He also took the opinion of his friends. When he asked me, I told him that installing security systems on the premises would be a good idea. While searching for a reputable one, we came across Alarm i systems. So we took the details and approached them. When we told the company about this issue that took place, they were so accommodating in installing a security system for us. They were able to do the entire installation process within a week. He and his family were thankful to me as they could sleep and leave their home with good peace of mind. What's your opinion on installing security systems on the premises?