Install Finally Done on The Ford Transit


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Nov 2, 2014
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Richard Santoro
Now it’s time to make some money! Lol, bought the van 2018 Ford Transit 250 medium roof on Black Friday, ($7800 in discounts/incentives) install took 3 days, as they worked on other vans. It took like a day to organize everything, so today was the first job, which was a marble job, nope actually I used it last week for the first time it was a tile job! Van is roomy, comfortable, and I love that NEW smell still, lol!

The last pics are from my old van!
I wish you the best of luck and prosperity with it pal.
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Nov 6, 2010
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Spencer Dawdy
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United States
@Dafloorman should have got the ecoboost brother well worth the extra 1800. My High roof with the ecoboost just made a trip to Nashville for a restoration job 9 hours there 9 hours back has an 860, water tanks (empty there and back), hose reals, chem shelf, and all the accessories, pulling a 20X8 enclosed trailer fully loaded with equipment and didnt even grunt got a little over 13mpg there and back also. That twin turbo V6 has done nothing but surprise me every since ive had them its never failed to do what ive asked it to Ill never own a V8 again in a service truck
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