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Inpection camera cable issues

The Zed

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Feb 14, 2017
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Dan Van
Hello to all , just getting into the business after extensive research over the past few months, but I've started with dryer vent cleaning as I've obtained a contract to clean 64 suites in a condo complex with the potential of getting more through a property management company. I've purchased a fibrescopes Viper camera to inspect the ducts (yes it's overkill but may use it for other things). Problem is the the 65 ft cable is made of a type of fiberglass or pvc and gets scraped and chafed going around duct elbows as there are sharp edges or screw I would imagine. Had a hard time pulling the camera out just the other day and really gouged the cable. Some suites have 2 or 3 elbows. The cable won't last long at this rate. Any tips or suggestions on trying to remedy this, or , am I looking at repair bills a lot more often then expected ? Thx.
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Jan 18, 2011
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How did you resolve this issue?
Still using the same camera?