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Feb 16, 2023
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Ryan Miller
Hey all!

I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the right thread, if so, please correct me.

I’ve recently received an offer, a trusted family member, that owns a carpet cleaning & restoration company. I have worked for her on and off the last 3 years. She wanted to hand over the company to me, I would not be buying the company from her, she would be handing everything over. (She is already Uber rich and has another retirement company) Her children have finished school and are in excellent career paths (doctors) and they do not have interest in taking on the company. She also doesn’t want to sell it to a random person and wants it to stay in the family. She has several exclusive contracts with 2 major hospitals and their associated clinics and offices. She was doing all of the work with her daughter and son. Kids would do residential, she would do the commercial. Two trucks mounts, rug pit, warehouse, and substantial commercial contracts, and regular residential. She willing to send me to get certificates and finish my last two years of college, but only if I get a business degree or something related to the industry. (Fair)

This is a major opportunity and I don’t want to get overly excited to the point I become blind to any red flags or other issues.

We will be meeting this week after work to discuss more. However, I was hoping to get an outside opinion. I do not think she is hiding anything from me, she has always done good by me.

In short:
What should I watch out for?
What should I ask?

Thanks in advance!