In house rug cleaning gone bad...wavy/wrinkled rug


Jun 25, 2018
Real Name
Nick Brereton
Just wanted to share my experience after I had a rug cleaning go wrong. The rug fibers were a polyester and polypropylene blend with a jute and cotton backing. I didn't look for a label before cleaning it because out of the 1000s of rugs that I've cleaned, many times the label is missing or non existent and the fibers looked pretty safe to me. It was cleaned HWE with a mild detergent. As soon as I started cleaning it with the wand it started to "wave" along the edge. Once we finished the rest of the job the customer asked if the rug would lay flat after it dried I said it should. Customer didn't even give it a full day to dry and we were back picking it up that afternoon and bringing back to the shop. We let it dry completely over night on the rug rack with airmovers and dehus going. The wave got a bit better after drying overnight but once we had it back on the floor it was still wavy. I decided to completely resoak the rug all the way through then ran it through the centrifuge to remove the excess water then lay flat on the ground and speed dry with air movers and dehus. At this point I was considering pinning it to plywood and stretch to lay flat but decided against it. Once it was completely dry on the ground we reevaluated again. Slight improvement but not good enough. I decided to try a wet rag and iron along the edges after I got the idea from my grandmother who has been working in the dry cleaning business her entire life. Sure enough that did the trick. After I would iron the edges I would place an airmover to speed dry. I was able to get the whole perimeter of the rug laying flat. Glad I was able to correct the mistake I made and make the customer happy. The customer also said that the rug was bought online so I don't know if that had an effect on quality. I am now considering stopping in house rug cleaning all together. I seem to have too many problems lately that many times can be easily solved or corrected while doing in plant cleaning. Any thoughts or comments are welcomed.


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