I'm thinking of doing construction clean up and janitorial, what do you guys think? What equipment?


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Sep 26, 2010
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John A
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I've already been doing a few construction clean up jobs here and there. Mostly dust, misc. trash pickup etc..

But what do I need for serious construction cleanup?

What about janitorial? What exactly is this all about?

Any idea on how much you guys make doing this would help! Thanks..


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Jun 24, 2008
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I have one friend that did great in the biz 10 years.

She is the most like able person. Most have to watch for the "cut raters"

The barrier to entry is very low. Trip to walmart and your in the biz. Seen it done with a car!

Contractors have little care as to who cleans but that it is cleaned CHEAP.

Look at the quility of construction today.

Going to do it then please do not put all your eggs in that one basket and hire good help so you can still do the CC. Which ever one does best then consider doing just one. Maybe!