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If you work hard and accomplish...

Jimbo Williams

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May 11, 2009
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Jim Williams
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United States
People who live their lives envious of others and constantly criticizing them must be some miserable humans. I am friends with all of my competitors in my area. I even send a new guy some work. Life's too short to live like that. I believe that we should all be trying to lift others up and help each other. There's room on this planet for us all to achieve whatever level of success we desire. Don't let the haters bring you down.
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Nov 12, 2019
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Jennifer King
The good that you are doing here will outshine any childish jealousy they can throw at you. I have actually referred my restoration company clients to this forum for tips/tricks/and advice. We really appreciate that there are forums like this one where professionals can band together and help one another without viewing the other person as "competition" especially since the last statistical information I found stated that there are 301 million homes in the US and roughly 87 million commercial buildings in use. Plenty of gravy for everyone.