If you were starting out...


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Jun 25, 2022
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steve lag
Hey everyone I'm probably 6 months away from starting my own floor cleaning company. I'm good at business, marketing, etc but new to cleaning carpets. I've spent many hours reading the different ways of cleaning and wanted to see what you guys think. I spent a lot of time on the phone with some of the franchises too. I've read so many comments about "why would someone spend $40k on a franchise when you only get a $3k cleaning machine". And I agree that any of us can go buy a better machine and clean better than most franchises. But what I like about the franchises, is that they have dedicated customer service and scheduling, so I'd never have to worry about keeping up with scheduling or answering calls while I'm busy doing other tasks. I don't mind working and cleaning, but ultimately I'm more interested in running the business along with other businesses. My goal with the carpet business would be to have 2 or 3 trucks running. So if you were just starting out, would you go franchise or do your own thing and hire people to answer the phones? Thanks everyone. :)