FB If you turn the air conditioner on does that dry the carpets faster?


Kyle Manor

If you turn the air conditioner on does that dry the carpets faster?

Russ Golphenee

Heat will dry it faster. ( drier air ) Turn fan to on ( not auto ) will move air around house

Justin Hawk

Damp, humid air does maintain heat more than dry air. That is why, during the air conditioning process, your AC removes humidity from the air as it operates. As hot air is blown over the evaporator coils in your air conditioning system, moisture is removed from the air as it condenses

Philip Wallman

AC removes humidity. It will actually dry carpet faster than heat, at least in humid climates like the south where I live

Rick Hale

AC is good in SoCal. Removing the moisture from the air to facilitate more evaporation is where it's at.

Leo Fitts

No . It takes longer With air-conditioning going. Do you want to turn the AC up to where it’s warmer and lots of air circulation. Warm air dries much quicker than cold here.

Cheyenne Miller

Heater systems can work as a de humidifier. Ever leave you're heater on all night. Wake up with a terrible headache?

Victor Gomez

Always dry stroke like a mother fudgeer and use fans if the customer wants it dried before you leave. Charge accordingly

Tim Hall

Ac removes moisture from the air. This is why when ac units are running, they constantly drip condensate. A furnace does not have this option unless you are heating with wood.


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