Ideas To Keep The Alaska Chill Outside...?

Oct 27, 2022
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Manager In-Charge

I work here in Kenai Alaska as a carpet cleaner... one of the things that comes up from customers during the winter is how to keep the cold outside.

For those who use carpet machines that require the two-inch return/suction hose knows that the customers house doors have to stay open. I know a blanket draped over the door to fill that two-inch gap would work, but I am looking for something professional. I have also seen those "Thermal Door Coverings", but they are intended more for a permanent install.

What I am looking for something that is water/stain/wind resistant with a quick and easy "apply to door" and when done with the three hour carpet cleaning "remove from door" application.

Just spit balling ideas, and if nothing comes up... hey no worries.

Cheers all and thank you for your minds on this idea.