FB I want to tell you all a story 1989 I had 5 butler carpets Cleaning vans 7 employees grossed 750


Charlie Brooks

I want to tell you all a story 1989 I had 5 butler carpets Cleaning vans 7 employees grossed 750 thousand dollars or so. Had the world by the balls so I thought. I built it from scratch 1990 divorce lost my house and shop ,I still moved on ,soon bought a farm horses still had my Harley life was good again ,single the party was on I had it all ,life was good 1999 wrong place wrong time there was a fight 6'3" Charlie Brooks was drunk I started getting the best of the 3guys when I heard a loud bang blood filled my eyes I could not see I blacked out they continue to beat me leaving me for dead ,I had been shot in the head by a 9mm ,3 month later I woke up didn't know anything who I was ,my mother father , couldn't read write add subtract I was a big dummy ,my hospital bills were over a million dollars self employed no health insurance, my father had a friend run my carpet cleaning business Guy ceotto David Dave Chrisman future employer , I was unable to run my business ,a lot of work was lost ,4 vans were Repoed alot of business was lost guy was lazy ,I trying to go back and run my business ,I had frontal lobe damage ,the last thing thing I did was teach Dave Christmen how to clean carpets ,I have cleaned carpets all my life ,I had sold my business to guy ,Dave's boss ,the gun shot to my head made me crazy your frontal lobe controls lots of things guy went to prison he still owed me for my business ,I gave it ,I gave it to Dave Christmen ,after years of therapy and reprogramming I have decided to go back into the carpet cleaning business it's been ruff no money but I have put it together a carpet cleaning machine I rebuilt I have went to Dave for help ,Dave has a large business it was mine ,I have offered to buy Evansville Indiana work from him , remember I gave it to him ,but Dave has too many toys race car and on and on I was proud of him but he has forgotten about me and my help,Dave was unhirable because of his past that's why I gave him my business ,so I will start a new business from scratch I have spent every thing on this new business adventure hell some times gas to go look for new business I have to go to the pawn shop ,I have a wife and two girls I am going to take care of my family can't do it off disability ,this is an explanation for some of the comments I have made , sorry for any misspellings I still struggle with alot of things,I don't want Petty ,you can loose everything in a heartbeat and just because you do for others doesn't mean they will help you......

Charlie Brooks

My carpet cleaning machine it had Frozen I have rebuilt it bought a new wand from TMT 15 inch titanium now stair tool and upholstery tool..... looking

Charlie Brooks

And advise on chemicals chemspec 70 it's not made any more I have to go slow money is crazy tight ,the Harley on my page I sold it that's how I bought this totaled truck mount all my pressure lines are busted it all froze looking for used pressure lines and stair tool and upholstery tool

Mario Herrera

Hey man god gave you another chance in life, a total blessing and in this forum we are here to help each other out, any question you have just post and we all can give some advice and guidance , and you might want to try some of Rob Robert Allen products for carpet cleaning, they are great!!! Hope much success and welcome back to the grind man.

Stacey Ristow

Bless you my friend. One day at a time, that’s all any of us can do. It’s sad that it really doesn’t take much to have it all crumble down. We’ve had ups and downs. But you just keep going. You are alive and able to work. Wife and 2 beautiful daughters. That’s all you need to keep you moving. Merry Christmas!

Angelo Jennings

We’re all in the struggle my brother. Keep your head up and take one day at a time. Failure is not an option. You just had some trials and tribulations. Some of us go thru worse ones than others. Don’t worry about the spelling. I would fail any spelling bee myself.
Lesson learned man; stay away from bad influence, Do God's will, and everything will fall into place for you. He's provide you with another chance as replied before me, so, make the most of it!