I Need Advice Please for My First Carpet Cleaning Job

Harbi LeMoquette

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Feb 21, 2023
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Harbi Aljabari
Hello dear experts and professionals. I am very new in this industry and I just started my new business.
I would really appreciate your input and suggestions for my question. I will have the first carpet cleaning job done free of charge as a test, it is for my friend, She sent these pictures of the carpet I will be cleaning. It is synthetic (most probably polypropylene or polyester). The soil is pretty heavy and there are a couple of coffee stains (caffeinated) and strawberry jam as it is shown in the picture and they are almost 2 months old stains.

I have a portable Ninja 200 psi with a heater, plus I have the SOS sub-surface extraction tool.
And I have these TMF products:

1. BioPro 10K Enzyme Citrus Prespray
2. RSF PreSpray SPIKED
3. Pure O2 Powder with Citrus (OSR)
4. Black Label Soap Free Rinse - Sweet Breeze
5. UNCHAINED (USOR) Sweet Breeze
6. Rave Spotter

What do you think is the best method to address those stains and what do you suggest to mix as pre-spray and for the clean water tank of the portable machine?

Please help and advise, it is the very first job I will have and you know how is the fear o_O

Thank you in advance