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Dub Henning

I just bought a pressure washer but it doesn't have adjustable psi. Does anyone know how i could do this?

Alberto Rivero

You adjust the pressure by changing the tips at your gun. Have to know the gpm of your machine, bigger tips =less pressure

Dub Henning

I am trying to hook solution line up to my pressure washer. Its a electric pressure washer

Dub Henning

I need to dial it down to at least 300 for carpet. Its a 1600 psi pressure washerv

Patrick Knapp

Lmao really pressure washing carpets? Hey Jake Gustafson he's gonna be giving out the old Stanley steemer specials. Lol

Ryan Leavitt

Calm down Patrick Knapp. I know you just got out of the military but you will soon learn this is civilian life and it's much different than the military. I might be lost here Dub Henning but why would you pressure wash carpet?

Toby Tyler

I wonder why you would go through the time trouble and expenses of converting a pressure washer when Steambite on Texas has a demo Water Otter all ready for what you need for just over $700. I would return your pressure washer for a refund and call Steambite.

Philip Wallman

You're getting a lot of flack but if you need something with more PSI, it's a legitimate method. Not sure it will go low enough for carpet though