FB I have a HydraMaster Titan 575. Yesterday (Saturday) I had a single job. Showed up at the house

I have a HydraMaster Titan 575. Yesterday (Saturday) I had a single job. Showed up at the house, started the machine so it could warm up, and went to the door. While standing at the door the machine cut off. I tried to restart to no avail. Smelled gas. Assumed it was flooded. Waited 15 minutes for no fuel smell and tried to restart. Still no go and the fuel smell returned. I called the job off, rescheduled, and went home. The waste tank is empty. The float seems to work. If I'm smelling fuel does that mean the fuel pump is still working or is it possible that I smell fuel but the pump is NOT working? Any thoughts?

Lee Arnold

That's a bigger engine machine than my 421 with my replacement 23hp vanguard but what happened to me the other day was mine wouldn't start . Went home check everything I could think of . Finally I changed my oil which looked very dirty . Low and behold it worked . I been running 421's for 10 years and that never happened to me ever . It happens to me with my pressure washer but not TM . With my new motor I'm now told to run full synthetic 5-30 . I noticed it gets dirty very fast .

Kip Taylor

As bad as I miss having a TM I don't miss those days. Working my way into one again but will drop a good dime and buy something that will give us some time. Otherwise dealing with breakdowns.

Ryan M. Suggs

When you turn the key listen very carefully and see if you hear a little click. Seems to me, some kind of safety feature is keeping it from starting. You can also jump your float switch to test and see if that is the problem.

Shane Lawing

Test for spark,pull plug leave it hooked up to wire touch plug end to block turn ignition! Do you see spark? If not replace plugs.If no avail may be servos/ignition coils thats what happened to me.Also lift your float switch up and down and listen for compacitor click if you dont here click may be compacitor.99% its electrical

Will Majano

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Mar 7, 2019
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Guillermo Majano
So what happened? Did you get it started. I have the same issue. I think it might be the crank shaft sensor. I ordered the part and still waiting. I'm not getting spark on the plug. It cranks but won't start. It turned off on my just about I was finished with the job. I thought the tank was full so I drained it but that wasn't the case.