I dont get it


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Aug 29, 2018
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Chris Westerman
My short time in the industry has me scratching my head.....
Spend $25000 on a pretty legit high tec TM. (Not to mention the pile of $$ on all your tools and accessories) and at best you maybe can generate $200/hr on a jobsite.
Spend $6000 on a softwash skid and make $400/hr
Air duct cleaning equipment is even cheaper to get into and you can maybe squeeze $100/ man hour out of a job.

My point is this. In all the cleaning industries the carpet industry has some of the most expensive equipment out there and yet our profit margins are some of the lowest depending on where you are located. Why hasn't the price to clean carpets with such high tech $$$ equipment gone up drastically as this tech had evolved from even 15 years ago??

John Rockwood

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Oct 18, 2012
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John Rockwood
If you're going for low end clients and pricing it makes no sense. You should be building your business model to include the majority of your business being repeats and referrals with some high end commercial/property management accounts.
Some Carpet Cleaners make $45hr and some $250hr. You are the one that determines where you want to be.

Equipment allows you to deliver the level of expertise that your clients have come to expect and pay you for.

How often do people get their house washed?
In all my years I've never had a homeowner ask me about someone to wash their house.
Most soft wash guys in my area end up doing Trucks, Tankers and Heavy Equipment and not generating $400 hour. Some advertise $75hr for equipment cleaning.

rob allen

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Sep 5, 2007
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Robert Allen,Jr.
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Your point has some validity. The biggest issue is twofold. The low threshold of knowledge to clean carpets and the low quality the mills are putting out.

However, like most things, quality pays if you target your market correctly and maintain consistent high quality coupled with outstanding service.