Hyla EST LED Vacuum Cleaner & Air Purifier 2020 -All Accessories


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Jul 15, 2020
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Heman Milne
Open Box 2020 Hyla NST With All Tools And Bonuses!
If you have had the Hyla EST presentation you know what an AMAZING machine this is. It acts as a vacuum cleaner and an air purifier to get your home C-L-E-A-N.
I was able to obtain 2 of this units from a distributor that was leaving the business. It was only demonstrated a couple of times so it is clean, has virtually no hours on it and is ready for a new home!

Included in this sale:

Hyla EST Main Unit
Wheel Base
Water Basin
Intake Cover (Makes The Unit Quite On Purify Mode)
Dust Brush
Stiff Brush
Crevice tool
Upholstery With Removable Brush And Extra Add on Stair Tool
Multi-Purpose Tool For Hard Floor Surfaces Or Carpet
Non Electric Hose
2 Wands For Wet Pickup
Electric Hose WITH Remote!
2 Wands For Electric Pickup
VENTUS Power Nozzle

Bonus! Inflator Tool!
This tool can clean tight spaces or blow up inflatables!

Extra Bonus!
A bottle of FRESH Air Scent. Simply add this solution to your Hyla while in use and it gives off a clean smell while eliminating germs, bacteria and air born dust. particles! Looking to get $2000 shipped. Open to reasonable offers