Hydro Force Gekko issue

Guxzo MX

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Aug 3, 2021
Montréal QC
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Oscar Lara
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I have an issue with the Hydro Force Gekko tool.
I bought it a few days ago
My biggest client want to wash his white ceramic on the common areas and the brown ceramic on the washrooms.
The grout is not that bad and the ceramic is not too dirty.
I got a Powr Flite Black Max extractor with 500 psi pump and heater.
I just finish washing his carpets and I thought the Hydro Force Gekko wand with the brush head will be ideal for the job.
The issue I’m having is that the Gekko wand is dropping the water pressure to just 300 psi some times less.
Am I’m missing something here?
What kind of water pump is better to use with the Gekko?