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Nov 13, 2011
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I was not aware of the rpm situation. I also don't like that they are putting these machines only in the medium roof vans as we would rather have the high roof. it also goes in the 250 model and we would rather have the 350 for better suspension. we went and looked at a 350 high roof today, unfortunately it didn't have the 53k package the xdrive needs so we couldn't get the xdrive installed into it.. we are once again considering a large slide in..

This is tough!

I'm confused on this. hydramaster's website says you can use the 250 or 350 version, low medium, or high roof? does say you have to have the 53 k package whatever that is

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Sep 28, 2021
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Hey guys, we are getting ready to purchase the new XDrive by hydramaster. I know only a handful of post beta machines have been sold, I was curious if one of those people were on this forum?

We were going to go with a slide in (Titan 575) for this new van since we couldn't go with out normal hudramaster cds due to firewall issue.. but we were worried about the vans internal heat having effect on delicate area rugs we may have in the van for a full day until we drop off at our shop so the Xdrive is what we decided to go with to keep our fleet somewhat similar when it came to what machine we were running.

has anyone heard of any cons on the xdrive yet? By the way, Johny Bravo, I'm the guy that ran into you at Super Duper that talked to you about this machine. See you at ICE!
Hello I know this is a little later, however it's a great machine when it works. I've been experiencing some issues with mines over heating that I'm trying to get resolved. Did you ever purchase yours? Any issues?