Hydramaster Titan 875 runs rough intermittently


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Feb 16, 2014
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AJ Rutz
I have a Titan 875 with the gm Vortec engine. 1400 hrs. I also have a Thermalwave same engine same hours but the engine always runs smoothly. The Titan will start up fine and run great for about 20 min then as best as I can describe starts to stumble, bog down or missing. In the past I would just turn it off give it a few minutes start up again it would run fine for a bit . I would repeat this a few times and eventually it would smooth out after it ran a bit longer and then run for hours fine even on some all day jobs. But whenever it would be off for a bit I would go through the same thing. Especially when first getting it running beginning of the day.
a few weeks ago I was having an awful time getting past that usual start and stop till it smoothed out. I noticed the lower exhaust was cherry red diverter valve too and lower pipes . I figured I had a clogged catalytic and taped it a bit and eventually it smoothed out enough to finish an all day job and the exhaust stayed cool. Machine ran fine.
i could not find a new cat anywhere not hydramaster, psi, it’s not available anymore. I went ahead and hollowed out the old cat and made sure all the exhaust system was clear of any debris and yes the old cat was crumbling inside the unit.
I figured this was the problem but on the next use the machine was doing the same thing but it would not smooth out even with the start stop routine. I kept an eye on the exhaust and it never turned cherry red or looked like any overheating.
Any ideas guys any help would be great.
of I was to start it now it would run fine for a bit like new for about 15 min then same thing.

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