Hydramaster Titan 575


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Dec 20, 2018
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Scott Van Horn
I've been in the carpet cleaning industry for almost 40 years and have run Hydramaster CDS exclusively since 1985, my only experience with a slide in is a late 70s Hydra Cat, propane heated nightmare. My current machine is a 2001 CDS 4.8 with a little over 9000 hours, I'm getting fairly close to retirement and don't want to dump a bunch of money into a new CDS so have been looking at a 2013 575 with 1200 hrs. and 100 gallon tank for about $11000, no van, trailer etc. It does come with a wand and 100 feet of hose and pressure line. He sent me the things that have been done to it, which have been replacing faulty heat exchanger vacuum, and 575 upgrade kit? Also a diverter flap box? Slide ins are a new world to me. The price seems right but am not sure if these are signs of future problems. The CDS is so simple, but so spendy. Thanks


Sep 9, 2010
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Adam King
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United States
Better jump on it! Great machine for that price.
The only deal breaker could be the price of a van and install.
I like buying the whole setup so you don’t get nickel and dimed.