HWE (steam cleaning) vs VLM (dry cleaning) whats better for carpet cleaning?

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Sep 5, 2007
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I know, I know it's not technically "steam cleaning" vs "dry cleaning". The proper definition for the acronyms, HWE & VLM, is Hot Water Extraction and Very Low Moisture. But most customers understand it as steam vs dry. Sadly so do some carpet cleaners. Heck its in the name so no wonder the public still refers to it incorrectly. But we as cleaners know actual steam prob burn hole through carpets and you need some type moisture to clean with even if its a dry cleaning fluid. That all being said here's a little teaser video I did making a comparisons. watch for full video coming soon. What's your take on whats better fellow pro's? Here's mine...

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Feb 3, 2021
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I did an article a while ago with the recommended process by carpet manufacturers. It might be good to add this point. You can see it as well as my refrences on my website hilbrands carpet care what do manufactures recommend. I often show rubbing my shirt as I say some processes try to rub out a spot but this would only even out the stain vs rinsing it out. I really like the wipe vs wash your body we all now where your going with that I think Ill use it. Great job.
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